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What Can You Create In Your Garage????

You just never know welcome to today's leadership thought of the day brought to you by the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast. You just never know what you might be creating. You've heard this story probably over and over and over about what things have just become so massive that started in somebody's garage and I think we get so wrapped up in the huge success story toward the end of it that we kind of forget where that comes from. That's the kind of documentaries I love to get into is the very beginning how did those things happen so when you think about what was made in the garage like Google, Apple, Amazon Microsoft, Dell, and Walt Disney, I'm sure they had dreams with that but there's no way they could have seen how large it would have become or how it was going to happen but they just kept going. Maybe you have a passion like that but you just never know but the one thing for sure is if you don't pursue it you're guaranteed that it will never happen so you just never know just start working toward it and see what happens.

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