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Frequently Asked Questions


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 01  Your programs are exclusive, how to do I know they'll work?

I have mentored and developed 100's of leaders with lessons I've personally developed over 25 years in my management career.  The feedback from participants has been amazing and the best reward for any leader is to see another person develop into a leader themselves. 



 02  Do the lessons take a lot of time to learn?

Most individual lessons are about an hour long, but this isn't a training program where you spend a few hours with a trainer, get a certificate and then forget about the training two weeks from now.  Each lesson builds off the previous lesson with the goal of actually changing your leadership behavior. 



 03  How many lessons are there to learn?

In the world of leadership lessons, the answer is actually endless :)  In our program, we have 45 different lessons that dive into mentoring others, team leadership and self-development. 




 04   Can't I just learn this online for free?

You can always find great resources online for free, but there's nothing more powerful than to have a coach who has been where you're going.  




 05  Shouldn't my company pay for my training?

Yes, they should and most companies do.  Research shows, however, that most companies wait too long into a manager's career to actually provide leadership training.  You should invest in yourself if you really want to grow. 

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